Second hand but first class

IMALL Snc retailer of machines for woodworking.

Founded in 1975, since 2004 in the new exhibition area of over 1,000 square meters equipped with the most modern equipment for loading, unloading and handling machineries.
IMALL Snc have forklift and crane which comply with the tighter safety rules that allow us to load trucks and containers in complete autonomy.

Continuous availability of woodworking machines , from the most Traditional simple machine, to the most sophisticated CNC Working Centre.

In the course of forty years IMALL Snc acquired a deep technical knowledge of machinery and markets.

Today IMALL Snc caters to a global market, counting Customer in every part of the world, from Europe to Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Our customers are direct users who are looking for second hand machinery of which we can guarantee perfect functionality as if they were new machines, and which at the same time can ensure a substantial cost savings.

Our motto is SECOND HAND BUT FIRST CLASS. We also have a sales network consisting of Foreign Retailers who lean IMALL Snc to meet the needs of their customers.
Commercial relationships established over the years allow us to manage any request regarding the field of woodworking.

A qualified team of technicians provides the disassembly, repair and revision, testing, packaging and shipping of any machinery taking care all operations in the detail.

Packaging, wooden boxes, palletization machines are made respecting the most stringent worldwide regulations.

40 years 1975 2015