Second hand but first class

126.1 - ALTENDORF F45


machine suitable for cutting plastics and solid wood
CE mark . with Use and Maintenance Booklet and Declaration of Conformity

2 CNC controlled axes:
1st axis: blade lifting
2nd axis: blade inclination

digital display inclination blade
digital display blade height
digital display rpm blade
double front / rear ignition control

Technical data :
anodized aluminum carriage mm. 3400
max. blade mm.500
blade group inclinable at 45°
max. cutting height with 90° blade = mm.175
max. cutting height with blade at 45° = mm.123
saw blade self-braking power motor Hp 7.5

telescopic aluminum pole
suspended "bridge" protection on the blade
cutting width on the parallel rail mm.1300
n.02 additional aluminum frames
fixed table dimensions mm.1200x750
blade rotation speed g / min.3000 / 4000/5000/6000
net weight kgs. 1100

Volt. 380/50
Year 2003